No 26 (2016)

Educate. Agitate. Organize: New and Not-So-New Teacher Movements

Special Issue Edited by Mark Stern, Amy E. Brown & Khuram Hussain

Table of Contents


The Systemic Cycle of Brokenness PDF
Tamara Anderson


Educate. Agitate. Organize: New and Not-So-New Teacher Movements PDF
Mark Stern, Amy E. Brown, Khuram Hussain


Principles to Practice: Philadelphia Educators Putting Social Movement Unionism into Action PDF
Rhiannon M Maton
Teaching amidst Precarity: Philadelphia’s Teachers, Neighborhood Schools and the Public Education Crisis PDF
Julia Ann McWilliams
Inquiry, Policy, and Teacher Communities: Counter Mandates and Teacher Resistance in an Urban School District PDF
Katherine Crawford-Garrett, Kathleen Riley
More than a Score: Neoliberalism, Testing & Teacher Evaluations PDF
Megan E Behrent
Resistance to Indiana’s Neoliberal Education Policies: How Glenda Ritz Won PDF
Jose Ivan Martinez, Jeffery L. Cantrell, Jayne Beilke
“We Need to Grab Power Where We Can”: Teacher Activists’ Responses to Policies of Privatization and the Assault on Teachers in Chicago PDF
Sophia Rodriguez
The Paradoxes, Perils, and Possibilities of Teacher Resistance in a Right-to-Work State PDF
Christina Convertino
Place-Based Education in Detroit: A Critical History of The James & Grace Lee Boggs School PDF
Christina Van Houten

Voices from the Ground

Feeling Like a Movement: Visual Cultures of Educational Resistance PDF
Erica R. Meiners, Therese Quinn
Construir Y No Destruir (Build and Do Not Destroy): Tucson Resisting PDF
Anita Fernández
Existential Philosophy as Attitude and Pedagogy for Self and Student Liberation PDF
Sheryl Joy Lieb


No Sermons in Stone (Bernstein) + Left Behind (Austinxc04) PDF
Richard Bernstein, Austin xc04

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