No 7 (2001)

Composition as Management Science

Special Issues Edited by Tony Scott, Leo Parascondola, Tony Bake & Courtney Maloney

Table of Contents

Tributes & Recognition

Steve Parks: An Appreciation PDF
Eli Goldblatt
Class Politics and Democratic Culture: An Interview with Steve Parks PDF
Tony Scott


The Composition Issue: Introduction PDF
Tony Scott
Citizenship and Literacy Work: Thoughts Without a Conclusion PDF
Richard Ohmann
Making a Place for Labor: Composition and Unions PDF
Bill Hendricks
Disciplinarity and Exploitation: Compositionists as Good Professionals PDF
James Sledd
Toward a New Labor Movement in Higher Education: Contingent Labor and Organizing for Change PDF
Eileen E. Schell
The Triangle of Organized Labor, Writing Instruction, and Education Technology PDF
Kim van Alkemade
One Rhetoric Fits All: What graduate Student Unions have Taught us About Higher Education and the Public Sphere PDF
John Marsh
Building a Sustainable Graduate Union or, the Epic Importance of the Mundane PDF
Laurie Ousley, Michael Rozental


Cheap Labor in a World of Precious Words: What Do Writing Classes Produce? An Interview with Ira Shor PDF
Leo Parascondola
Interview with James Thompson: Winner of the 2000 Service to the Profession Award PDF
Katherine V. Wills


Abolish or Perish? Managed Labor in Composition: A Roundtable with Sharon Crowley PDF
Anthony D. Baker
Composition, Cultural Studies, and Academic labor: A Roundtable with Cary Nelson PDF
Chris Carter


The Teachers for a Democratic Culture/Workplace Awards to Graduate Employees PDF
Vicky Smallman
Organizing for Change: GSEAC/UAW PDF
Larin McLaughlin
Living the Organizing Model PDF
Michelle Graas, Paul Prew
Organizing Over the Long Haul: The SAGE/UAW Campaign at the University of California PDF
Mark Quigley
University of Oregon’s Graduate Teaching Fellows PDF
Paul Prew
GTAC at Kansaa: Working it right in a Right-to-Work State PDF
Robert Vodicka
Union Organizing at the University of California PDF
Philip Zwerling
UE-COTS at the University of Iowa PDF
Tim Bryant

Book Reviews

Review of Collateral Damage: Corporatizing Public Schools—A Threat to Democracy PDF
Pepi Leistyna
Review of The End of Politics: Corporate Power and The Decline of the Public Sphere PDF
Catherine Chaput
Review of Literature, Class, and Culture: An Anthology PDF
Lisa A. Cooper
Fuel for the Fire: Survey Data Confirm What We’ve Known All Along PDF
Gregory Bezkorovainy

Review of Theater of Politics: Hannah Arendt, Political Science and Higher Education PDF
Elizabeth Heffelfinger

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