No Carnival Here: Oppressed Youth and Class Relations in City of God

  • Valerie Scatamburlo-D´Annibale
  • Nathalia Jaramillo
  • Juha Suoranta
  • Peter McLaren


Class, defined as a "social category that can explain inequalities of power and wealth in the 'free world'", has become increasingly relevant for interpreting the modern portrait of capitalism. As a conceptual category, which designates a relationship of exploitation, it is "indissociable from class conflict, from the specific historical struggle of social groups divided by unequal property relations". Further, youth as a social category typified by age are also implicated in class struggles through their constant subjugation to the imagery and needs of capital flows. This is made clear by the United Nation's declaration that "more than one billion young people in the developing world are now living in conditions of severe deprivation" as a result of globalized trade and a decrease in 'aid' packages.