Navigating the Neoliberal Terrain: Elder Faculty Speak Out

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Colleen Kawalilak


Neoliberal policies and practices continue to impact and influence the direction, work and learning culture, and focus of Canadian universities. Respectful of Elder faculty members (professors) being lifelong learners, who have navigated university landscapes for extended periods of time, this paper focuses on Elder faculty perspectives on the impact of neoliberalism. Findings discussed emerged from a qualitative, three-year, SSHRC funded study that invited Elder faculty, from selected universities in Canada, to share their storied experiences of teaching, research, and service within the university during times of great change. Key themes discussed in this paper include: power shifts and displacement; pedagogical shifts and imbalances; and devaluation of the professoriate.

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Colleen Kawalilak, University of Calgary

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Faculty of Education

Educational Studies in Adult Learning