Bridging Theory and Practice in the Urban Science Classroom: A Framework for Hip-Hop Pedagogy in STEM

  • Edmund S Adjapong Teachers College, Columbia University
Keywords: Hip-Hop Pedagogy, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Indigenous Framework


This paper explores the state of urban science education as it relates to achievement and engagement of urban youth in STEM and provides insight on improving the experiences of urban youth in the science classroom through the lens of an urban science educator. It provides a framework for Hip-Hop Pedagogy in STEM as an innovative approach to teaching and learning, which anchors the culture, realities and lived experiences of urban youth in pedagogy. Finally, this paper provides educators with practical tools and approaches, which were formed from theory and research that transcend the traditional monolithic approach to teaching science and allows educators to learn and incorporate the culture of urban youth within their pedagogy.

Author Biography

Edmund S Adjapong, Teachers College, Columbia University
Doctoral Candidate in Math, Science & Technology Department
(Re)Considering STEM Education