Hope and Persistence: The Legacy of Ferguson Introduction to the Special Issue of Critical Education

  • Anthony J. Castro University of Missouri, Columbia
Keywords: Social Justice, Black Lives Matter, Social Movements, Race, Racism, Citizenship


This special issue of Critical Education, entitled “The Legacy of Ferguson: A Referendum on Citizenship Denied,” presents papers about Ferguson, several of which were presented as part of a panel on Ferguson held at the College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA) conference of the National Council for the Social Studies in 2015. We have added articles were to address issues in Baltimore and to reflect back on Ferguson two years later. Alex Cuenca and I worked as co-editors on this project. As we arranged these pieces, we felt struck with an overwhelming sense of purpose. We have to keep this conversation real and alive. So with hope in our hearts and hands ready to toil with patience and persistence, we invite you to join the struggle, because Black Lives Matter.

The Legacy of Ferguson: A Referendum on Citizenship Denied