Public Education in British Columbia: The Rise of the Shock Doctrine or Kindling for a Shock-Proof Otherwise?

  • Tobey Steeves University of British Columbia
Keywords: Democracy, Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein, Capitalism, Neoliberalism, Education Policy, British Columbia, Canada, Education Funding, Public Schools, Private Schools


Public education in British Columbia is experiencing a protracted ‘crisis’. Teachers and the provincial government appear to be locked into a game of brinkmanship, and students’ unmet needs are at risk of being obscured by the fray. By extending Naomi Klein’s analysis of shock doctrines, I show how this impasse is not accidental and, in fact, acts as a means of enabling “orchestrated raids on the public sphere” to undermine public education in the province.

Author Biography

Tobey Steeves, University of British Columbia
MA student in the Centre for Cross Faculty Inquiry in Education.