Re-Privatizing the Family: How “Opt-Out” and “Parental Involvement” Narratives Support School Privatization

  • Amy B. Shuffelton Loyola University Chicago
Keywords: Gender, Feminism, Parental Involvement, Reproductive Labor, School Privatization, Labor


To speak of the “neoliberal privatization of education” is discursively to acknowledge a distinction between “public” and “private,” which “privatization” seeks to override.  To critics of school privatization, the erosion of the distinct sphere of the public is a regressive move.  It is noteworthy, therefore, that progressive feminists, who are also concerned with the distinction between feminized “private” and masculinized “public” spheres, have historically supported the erosion of this distinction. There are, this paper contends, importantly gendered dimensions to neoliberal privatization that feminist analysis of the “private” brings into focus.

Author Biography

Amy B. Shuffelton, Loyola University Chicago
Assistant Professor, School of Education