News Framing and Charter School Reform

  • Abe Feuerstein Bucknell University
Keywords: Charter Schools, School Reform, News Framing, Politics of Education


This paper reviews the historical development of charter schools and the ways in which charter schools are currently viewed by the American public. Using the tools of news framing analysis, the study also examines a sample of news reports from The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Philadelphia Inquirer in order to identify dominant news frames.  This process reveals two dominant frames -- Public Accountability, and Freedom, Choice, and Innovation – which are illustrated with excerpts from the news sample. The paper concludes by considering the implications of these frames for charter school reform and suggests several new directions for scholarship in this area.

Author Biography

Abe Feuerstein, Bucknell University
Abe Feuerstein is associate professor of education at Bucknell University.  He publishes in the area of educational politics, school governance, and school reform.