From the Trenches: A Teach for America Corps Member's Perspective

  • T. Jameson Brewer University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Keywords: Teach for America, Autoethnography, Neoliberalism, Teacher Education


This article provides a unique voice on the alternative certification program known as Teach for America’s (TFA). As a traditionally trained educator who entered TFA as a corps member, the author brings a unique auto-ethnographic perspective on TFA.  Combining personal insights with data and theory, the paper addresses TFA’s recruiting practices, the application and interview processes, Institute practices and use of indoctrination, a holistic overview of TFA’s neoliberal theoretical approach to pedagogy, and TFA’s final regional placement of its corps members.  As TFA continues to grow to over 10,000 corps members, critical examination is necessary as TFA becomes evermore present in our nation’s schools.