Educational Entrepreneurship, Creative Destruction, and the Junk Food of Education Reform

  • Samantha M. Paredes Scribner Indiana University-IUPUI
  • Robert J. Helfenbein Indiana University-IUPUI
Keywords: Curriculum, Curriculum Theory, Neoliberalism, Education Reform, Educational Entrepreneurship


Alex Molnar has taken up the question of commercialization in education over an extensive career that most recently has been in concert with the National Education Policy Center (NEPC), an organization dedicated to the scholarly response to this very education reform movement. In the Spring of 2012, a dialogue was engaged to explore issues of the  moment for scholars of education and how we might respond.

Author Biographies

Samantha M. Paredes Scribner, Indiana University-IUPUI

Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership

Robert J. Helfenbein, Indiana University-IUPUI
Associate Professor of Curriculum Studies
Special Report