Imagining Ourselves in Children’s Literature: Power Dynamics and Epistemologies amid the Pages and in the Classroom

Mia Angelica Sosa-Provencio


This critical literary analysis aims to investigate depictions of schooling within children’s literature, including classroom power dynamics as well as how knowledge is defined and the role it plays therein.  I aim to understand the ways in which these depictions of schooling affect our collective constructions of education as well as the ontological and epistemological ‘truths’ that are upheld as a result. Literature must not be underestimated for its ability to influence a collective social vision of the world in the minds and lives of its readers.  As such, educators and young people alike must be cognizant and critical of the messages conveyed through children’s literature as such messages have a hand in shaping collective understandings of the intellectual and social possibilities available to us within the sphere of our own lives.



Critical Pedagogy, Hegemony, Children's Literature, Power, Epistemology, Identity

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