Education Beyond Institutionalization: Learning Outside of the Formal Curriculum

Nicole R. Harper


Education is a concept that can be as limited, or as expansive, as the current mindset of the individual or group who is involved seeks to realize, understand, define, undergo, use, or take in any given context. It is within the mindset of expansiveness, that this article seeks to explore the concept of education as it takes place outside of the formal, institutionalized curriculum—as well as how it relates to the formal curriculum. This theoretical exploration will begin by investigating the relevance of the topic. It will then consider a variety of meanings constructed around the concepts of formal education, informal education and non-formal education. The article concludes by addressing the need for rethinking the status of learning that emerges from outside the formal curriculum and discussing the potential affects of a more expansive approach to envisioning education.


Critical Pedagogy; Informal Education; Non-Formal Education; Institutions; Educational Theory; Learning

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