La Batalla Continua: Latina/o Educators Democratizing Educational Practices

Marisol O. Ruiz, Luis-Vicente Reyes, Maribel Trujillo, Elizabeth Chavez, Nereida Antunez, Veronica Lugo, Ericka Martinez, Ben Rivera, Gaby Sulzer, Ana Granados, Veronica Lerma


This journey analysis shares the counter-stories of practicing bilingual Latina/o educators teaching predominately Latino youth.  The study is situated in a bi-national (US/Mexico) tri-city (El Paso, Las Cruces, Juarez), and tri-state (New Mexico, Texas, Chihuahua) context. When teachers of color voice their concerns about oppressive institutional polices and practices, a counter-story is produced. One way to bring Latina/o students' and their teachers' counter-stories to the center of schooling polices and practices is to create intentional spaces to examine the realities of how these policies and practices are oppressive in nature. These intentional spaces offer self-reliance and solidarity. Solidarity can lead to mobilization, an important aspect of the inherit praxis of this critical intentional space.


Critical Pedagogy; Bilingual Education; Counter-stories; Race; Cultural Studies; Latinos; Latinas; Democratic Education; Critical Pedagogy; Schooling; Solidarity

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