No 1 (1998)

Organizing Our Asses Off

Founding Editors Kent puckett and Marc Bousquet

Table of Contents


Foreword: The Institution as False Horizon PDF
Marc Bousquet
What Hath English Wrought: The Corporate University’s Fast Food Discipline PDF
Cary Nelson
Unionizing Against Cutbacks PDF
Paul Lauter
What is an “Organization like the MLA”? From Gentleman’s Club to Professional Association PDF
Stephen Watt
The Future of an Illusion PDF
Christian Gregory
Jobless Higher Ed: An Interview with Stanley Aronowitz PDF
Stanley Aronowitz, Andrew Long
Resistance is Fruitful: Coalition-Building in Ontario PDF
Vicky Smallman
This Old House: Renovating the House of Labor at City University of New York PDF
Barbara Bowen

Life of Labor: Personal Criticism

Looking Forward in Anger PDF
Barbara White
Performing Shakespeare: Writing and Literacy on the Job PDF
Leo Parascondola
The Good Professors of Szechuan PDF
Gregory Meyerson

Forum: Organizing Our Asses Off

Cannibals, Star Trek, and Egg Timers: Ten Years of Student Employee Organizing at the University of California PDF
Kate Burns, Anthony M. Navarrete
Critical Year PDF
Edward Fox, Curtis Anderson
What’s Next? Organizing After the COGS Union Affiliation Vote PDF
Julie Marie Schmid
7,500 Down, 200,000 To Go: Organizing the City University of New York PDF
Eric Marshall
Unions, Universities, and the State of Texas PDF
Ray Watkins, Kirsten Christensen
Organizing Democracy: A Response PDF
Karen Thompson
Beyond the Campus Gates: The Personal Is Still Political PDF
Vincent Tirelli
Institutional Memory and Changing Membership: How Can We Learn from What We Don’t Recall? PDF
Alan Kalish

Field Reports

Report on the 1997 MLA Convention PDF
Mark Kelley
Report on the “Changing Graduate Education” Conference PDF
Alan Kalish

Book Reviews

Review of Michael Denning's The Cultural Front: The Laboring of American Culture in the Twentieth Century PDF
Derek Nystrom
Review of Staughton Lynd's Living Inside Our Hope PDF
Paul Murphy

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