“In it, but not of it” Exploring Identity and Social Capital in the Third Space

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Andrea Hunt
Tammy Rhodes


The Third Space in higher education encompasses both identities and labor. This paper begins with a discussion of work-based and professional identities within higher education and the growth of the Third Space. Moten and Harney’s (2004) Undercommons is used to further explain the Third Space. We discuss how social capital and communities of practice are central to creating solidarity end with a discussion of recommendations to better support Third Space professionals.  

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Academic Labor in the Third Space
Author Biographies

Andrea Hunt, University of North Alabama

Andrea N. Hunt is a professor of sociology and executive director of the Mitchell-West Center for Social Inclusion at the University of North Alabama who focuses on structural inequality and ways to create more inclusive campus environments. 

Tammy Rhodes , University of North Alabama

Tammy D. Rhodes is the director of the First Year Experience and an adjunct instructor in sociology and criminal justice at the University of North Alabama with a passion and focus on student advocacy.