Lukács, Mariátegui, and the Dialectical Roots of Edu-Activism

  • John Maerhofer City University of New York
Keywords: higher education, activism, workplace activism, academic freedom, Freire, Lukács


My intention in this paper is to interrogate the “origins” of Freire’s methodology by focusing on the works of José Carlos Mariátegui and Georg Lukács, both of whom wrote extensively on the question of Marxist dialectics and the dynamism of revolutionary engagement. My intention here is twofold: (1) to examine Lukács and Mariátegui as a framework for grasping in concrete terms the complexities of Freire’s radical pedagogical methodology and (2) to probe further what Lukács argues is the “necessary bond between consciousness and action” that underlies the essence of what this essay terms “edu-activism,” or the consequential outcome of Freire’s conscientization paradigm.
Resisting Neoliberalism in the University - Classes, Campuses, Communities