The Examination of the Factors Influencing Faculty Climate at a Northwest Region University: A Case Study

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Marcis Fennell


The extent of tenure of higher education administrators may seem to be the topic of discussion at many universities in American society. The corporatized structure of universities across America has turned their institutions’ focus. This business-like approach has transformed university presidents into CEOs, threatening the integrity of key educational and research functions of faculty and staff. This redirection of instruction and reorienting of curriculum affects the climate on many campuses. This study is important because it seeks to understand the elements that ensure a healthy faculty relationship with administrators. A qualitative case study method was utilized to interview 5 faculty within one college within a university in the Northwest region of the United States. The question sought in this study is: What are the things that build trust between faculty and administrators that create a healthy collegial academic environment? It is the goal of this project to identify the elements of a positive faculty climate. The study results will be helpful to administrators and faculty who have an interest in faculty-administrator relations.

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