Faculty Governance and Satisfaction: An Introduction to the Special Issue

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Sydney Freeman


As I began for the first time to teach a course in Theoretical Applications and Design of Qualitative Research in the spring of 2016, I assured the official that I would work with my students to craft a research project to address these issues. In order to do so, I first required students to develop an abstract and research proposal on the topic of faculty governance and engagement in higher education. I then asked students to interview five faculty members from different disciplines, including education, the hard sciences, art and architecture, liberal arts, and more, to discover their perceptions and opinions regarding the ways in which faculty could feel better supported and represented in their institutions. Their interviews focused on what could be done to maximize faculty job satisfaction, especially in non-financial ways. From these interviews, my students developed in-depth case studies for use by academics, professionals, and other students. I am proud to present the fruits of their labors here.

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