Exploring Perceptions of Faculty Governance From an Organizational Culture Lens

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Helen Frances Brown


Empirical research on faculty governance effectiveness from an organizational culture perspective is limited and is needed due to the increasing internal and external pressures on higher education institutions today. Increased accuntability demands for student success and retention require effective and participatory governance processes. Two research questions were examined, the effectiveness of the governance process on a mid-sized North West university and the utility of exploring effective governance using an organizational culture theoretical framework. In-depth case study interviews were conducted among six faculty of various ranks in one college. The study findings indicated that trust and transparency, competing expectations, lack of influence and hierarchal decision making impacted perceptions of governance effectiveness which negatively impacted faculty climate perceptions. Analysis of governance using an oganizational culture framework provided important insight into governance effectiveness.

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Helen Frances Brown, University of Idaho

I am an Assistant Clinical Faculty in Exercise Science and Health, Movement Sciences Department in the College of Education.