Recent Trends in Faculty Governance and Its Overall Impact on Work Life, Job Satisfaction and Faculty Retention

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Erin Alexandra Stutzman


Recent decades show an emerging trend of shortened job duration by those who serve in leadership positions within the university or college campus setting.  Current research indicates that the relationship between university faculty and administrators is a subject that would benefit from further investigation.  This study attempts to illuminate and understand perceptions about this relationship of five different faculty members, each from the same department within a land grant university, located in the northwest region of the United States.  To do this a descriptive methodological approach is employed that allowed the researchers to examine and reveal the perceptions, insights, and opinions of the participants.  By discerning and evaluating the elements that contribute to a positive collegial work environment through an interview process results of this research will be used to inform those who have a vested interest in faculty-administrator relationships.  It will provide a guide to follow when setting out to establish and implement policy and procedures that may be used to improve professional culture and climate within the respective schools or departments.  It makes fiscal sense for those in leadership roles to work diligently toward retaining and sustaining highly trained professionals and minimize both faculty and administrative turnover within the university setting.

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Erin Alexandra Stutzman, The University of Idaho and Dr Sydney Freeman's Spring Ed 589 class

I am a doctoral student at the University of Idaho who is working on her PhD in Educational Leadership.