Critical University Studies: Workplace, Milestones, Crossroads, Respect, Truth

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Stephen Petrina
E. Wayne Ross


What is the current crossroad for critical university studies? First, we need to act on the economic imperative of faculty alliances with a radically charged student movement in response to a decimated job market, incapacitating debt burdens, and contraction of the professoriate. Second, we need to act on the ethical imperative of alliances with class, environmental, and race grounded grassroots social movements including Occupy and Idle No More (INM). Third, we need to act on the legal imperative of alliances across the left and right in the throes of aggressive suppression of academic freedom downplayed by administrators exaggerating a civility crisis and exercising investigative powers through new respectful workplace policies. Fourth, we need to act on the political imperative of making critical university studies by remaking the critical and the university.

This article provides analysis of the academic job market in context of these four imperatives.

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