Articulating Reform and the Hegemony Game

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Hill Taylor


Within the field of education there has been much discussion focused on the definition and nature of progress.  This discussion is always tied to articulation of objectives and goals that should be achieved when endeavoring to educate young people for success in society.  Of course, all of these concepts are debated and interpreted eternally with little consensus reached on exact objectives and roles.  Out of this discussion does come action, albeit action met with resistance, compliance, or ambivalence; but action does come.  For the purpose of this paper and accompanying analysis, I will refer to this action as reform.  The aim of this inquiry is to theorize how contemporary notions of reform appear to be driven by discourses emanating from the corporate-media-state with the result being a public endorsement of overt (but misleading) tenets stated in “fast-capitalist” texts.

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