No Free Set of Steak Knives: One Long, Unfinished Struggle to Build Education College Faculty Governance

Ishmael Munene, Guy B Senese


In this paper we work to describe the star-crossed six-year process of establishing a common college governance model, in a College which operated with few College or department level policy documents. The two authors were active and instrumental in developing a new interdepartmental governance model, and had a front row seat in the drama than unfolded. Without many other dedicated and responsible faculty, working to change minds toward voice, and away from passivity and avoidance, the project would not have succeeded. This paper discusses issues attendant to strengthening governance in a College of education where an old “normal school” culture of conservative custodialism, in a conservative state, worked against developing a more vigorous, if surely not radical mode of college governance. Yet with persistence, this effort was successful, if not perfect, and exists as the only such institution in a university of many colleges.


academic freedom

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ISSN 1715-0094  Workplace