Fitting Procrustes’ Bed: A Shifting Reality

  • Michelle K. McGinn Brock University
  • Michael Manley-Casimir Brock University
  • Nancy E. Fenton University of Waterloo
  • Carmen Shields Nipissing University
Keywords: academics, external evaluations, self-evaluation, belonging


This article uses the metaphor of Procrustes’ bed to discuss the experiences of academics “fitting” the academy amidst shifting realities. The focus is on external evaluations faced by the academics, as well as their engagements in evaluations of self and others (which are inherent aspects of academic life).

Author Biography

Michelle K. McGinn, Brock University
Dr. Michelle McGinn is an Associate Professor in the Department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in the Faculty of Education at Brock University. Her scholarly work is focused in the field of higher education, with particular interests in academic life, research teams, researcher development, and ethical practices.