Ethnic Differences Among Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors at Texas 4-Year Universities

  • Dana E Bible Sam Houston State University
  • Sheila A Joyner Sam Houston State University
  • John R Slate Sam Houston State University
Keywords: higher education, faculty diversity


Examined in this study was the change in Black and Hispanic faculty employment at the Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor levels at 4-year universities (n = 36/39 universities) in Texas for the years 2003 and 2009.  The number and percent of Black and Hispanic faculty members increased at all three levels of employment between the years 2003 and 2009.  Although statistically significant increases were present at all levels except for Black Full Professors, the effect sizes reflected trivial increases.  The rapid ethnic diversification of the student population at institutions of higher education in Texas has not been mirrored in its faculty.

Author Biographies

Dana E Bible, Sam Houston State University
doctoral student
Sheila A Joyner, Sam Houston State University
Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling
John R Slate, Sam Houston State University
Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling