The Future of Academia is On the Line: Protest, Pedagogy, Picketing, Performativity

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Emily Wilbourne


The bulk of this article was written during the last weeks of April, 2007, as the spring semester drew to a close. During this time GSOC-UAW at NYU was still on strike. I have not revised the body of the text to reflect the fact that now, five months later, the strike is over – though the struggle for union re-recognition at NYU continues. For me, an important part of the argument of this article concerns the difficulties that beset the transmission of complicated ideas; particularly the attempt to articulate a critique of institutions and processes in which one is intimately and intricately embedded. As such, I think that it is more useful to leave this text in a present tense that grapples with that very task, without retreating behind the protective, if illusory, mask of hindsight.

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