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Workplace is a refereed, open access journal published by the Institute for Critical Education Studies (ICES) and a collective of scholars in critical university studies, or critical higher education, promoting dignity and integrity in academic work. Contributions are aimed at higher education workplace scholar-activism and dialogue on all issues of academic labor.

Bascom Hall, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bascom Hall, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"You might even say that at this historical moment, there are no 'careers' in the academy-- only struggle-- and activism is the modality of living with struggle…. Activism improves your work. Let's say you accept the principle that all study of past cultural practice is a contribution to the history of the present. And let's say that you also accept the testimony of your exhausted body that the present is a time of struggle for the profession."

-- Marc Bousquet, 1998, “The Institution as False Horizon,” Inaugural Issue of Workplace.



Workplace Issue #30



Special Issue Edited by Joseph G. Ramsey

Posted: 2018-01-07 More...

Workplace Issue #29


Faculty Governance and Satisfaction in Higher Education

Special Issue Edited by Sydney Freeman
Posted: 2017-11-25 More...

Workplace Issue #28


Marx, Engels and the Critique of Academic Labor

Special Issue Edited by Karen Gregory & Joss Winn

Posted: 2016-10-04 More...

Workplace Issue #26


Educate. Agitate. Organize: New and Not-So-New Teacher Movements

Special Issue Edited by Mark Stern, Amy E. Brown & Khuram Hussain
Posted: 2016-01-29 More...

Workplace Issue #25


Reforming Academic Labor, Resisting Imposition, K12 and Higher Education

The Institute for Critical Education Studies is pleased to announce the publication of Issue #25.

Posted: 2015-06-08 More...
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