Workplace is a refereed, open access journal published by the Institute for Critical Education Studies (ICES) and a collective of scholars in critical university studies, or critical higher education, promoting dignity and integrity in academic work. Contributions are aimed at higher education workplace scholar-activism and dialogue on all issues of academic labor.

Workplace Issue #31


We want to remind readers of a superb series of empirical articles in Workplace Issue #31: "Under New Mismanagement: Faculty Experiences at the University of British Columbia." The issue includes an article by Jennifer Chan, "Out of Asia: Topologies of Racism in Canada" and a trio of articles by Peter Wylie: "The All-Administrative Campus: University of British Columbia, Okanagan;" "Exclusionary and Extractive Campus Management: The University of British Columbia, Okanagan;" and "My Campus Administration, Faculty Association and Me: Academic Mobbing and Sweetheart Unionism."

No. 32 (2021): Racism, Bloat, and Precarious Work

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