No 30 (2018)

Workplace Presents: Scholactivism

Workplace presents "Scholactivism," a collaboration with Cultural Logic and Works & Days. This special issue is edited by Joseph G. Ramsey.

Table of Contents


A Short Note on Activism, Solidarity, and Scholarly Publishing PDF
E Wayne Ross i-iv
Here We Come PDF
Marc Bousquet v

Special Issue Editor Introduction

Introducing Scholactivism: Reflections on Transforming Praxis in and Beyond the Classroom PDF
Joseph G. Ramsey 1-37

Conversations with Activist Scholars

Narrative Resistance: A Conversation with Historian Marcus Rediker PDF
Carl Grey Matrin, Modhumita Roy 54-69
Scholactivism: A Roundtable Interview with Ricardo Antunes, Pietro Basso, Patrick Bond, Michael Löwy, Jóse Paulo Netto, and Leo Panitch PDF
Babak Amini 46-53

Defining and Contesting the Terms and Terrain of "Schol-Activism"

We Are All Activists Now PDF
Toby Miller 70-80
Politically Engaged Scholars: An Analytic of Positions and Norms PDF
Patrick Colm Hogan 81-105
Schol…Exodus? Learning Within/Against/Beyond the Institution PDF
Bennett Carpenter, Laura Goldblatt, Lenora Hanson, Karim Wissa, Andrew Yale 106-118

Resisting Neoliberalism in the University - Classes, Campuses, Communities

Resolving the Contradictions of Academic Unionism PDF
Jeffrey Noonan 119-134
Critical Revolutionary Praxis in the Neoliberal University PDF
Gary Zabel 135-154
"Better Days Ahead": Teaching Revolutionary Futures and Protesting the Present PDF
Bradley Freeman 155-175
Lukács, Mariátegui, and the Dialectical Roots of Edu-Activism PDF
John Maerhofer 176-190
Shred of Truth: Antinomy and Synecdoche in the Work of Ta-Nehisi Coates PDF
Stephen C. Ferguson, Gregory D. Meyerson 191-233
Student Evaluations, Neoliberal Managerialism, and Networks of Mistrust PDF
Ian Butcher 234-250

Learning in the Shadow of State Terror: A Poetic Interlude

"I Am Not a Corpse: A Working Praxis for Black Lives Matter" and Other Poems PDF
Demetrius Noble 251-257
"Amos D. Squire, Chief Physician of Sing Sing, 1914-1925" and Other Poems PDF
Jill McDonough 258-268

Virtual Universities, Digital Activists, and their Discontents

The Promise and Peril of the Virtual University PDF
Ali Shezhad Zaidi 269-282
Untangling the Scholactivist Web PDF
Efadul Huq, Xavier Best 283-297
What's Wrong with Slactivism? Confronting the Neoliberal Assault on Millennials PDF
Sophia A. McClennen 298-311

Doing What We Can from Where We Are: Personal Histories and Case Studies

Top Cover: On Administrative Activism in the Neoliberal University PDF
Jeffrey R. Di Leo 312-322
Complicit: On Being a WGSS Program Director in the Neoliberal University PDF
Katie Hogan 323-329
Letter on Scholactivism: To Graduate Students and Young Colleagues PDF
Vincent B. Leitch 330-333
Los Intersticios! Or, in Defense of Carbon-Free Unicorns PDF
Marisol Cortez 334-351
Fighting to be Different in the Academy PDF
Tony Van der Meer 352-359
Rights and Rebellion: The Faculty Role, Revisited PDF
Kim Emery 360-373

Learning from Those Who Taught Us: Tributes

Richard Levins and Dialectical Thinking PDF
Victor Wallis 374-378
On the Ground with David Demarest: Toward a Methodology of Scholar Activism PDF
Joel Woller, Courtney Maloney, Charles Cunningham 379-393
John Trudell and the Spirit of Life PDF
Christopher Craig 394-404

Book Reviews

Fighting Academic Repression and Neoliberal Education: Resistance, Reclaiming, Organizing And Black Lives Matter in Education PDF
Sandra Ximena Delgado-Betancourth 405-410

ISSN 1715-0094  Workplace