No 5 (2000)

After Seattle and Organizing Canada

General Editors Chris Carter, E. Wayne Ross, Gary Rhoades, Gordon Lafer, Bill Vaughn, Katherine Wills

Table of Contents

Tributes & Recognition

May Day, 2000: A Tribute to Barbara Bowen PDF
Anthony O'Brien
Theory and Practice: A Tribute to Jeff Williams PDF
Bruce Robbins

After the WTO and Battle in Seattle: Activist Forum

Introduction: After the Washington Consensus PDF
Christian Gregory
Last Tuesday in Seattle PDF
Rich Daniels
The World Trade Organization: A Flawed Conception PDF
Kenneth Surin
Seattle and Beyond PDF
Doug Henwood
Making Better Connections: Some Thoughts on Rhetoric and Solidarity PDF
Jamie Owen Daniel

Organizing Canada: Activist Forum

Organizing Canada PDF
Daniel Kim
The Arc of an Action: Email about the Toronto TA Strike PDF
Leo Parascondola
By Way of Introduction: Some Thoughts on Difference PDF
Douglas Ivison
ACCESS 2000: an interview with Joel Harden and Steven Kammerer PDF
Ellie Kennedy
A Chronology of the University of Toronto T.A. Strike PDF
Daniel Kim
Organizing Against a Large and Powerful Employer PDF
Mikael Antony Swayze
Good Cop? An Update from the Task Force on Graduate Funding PDF
David Goutor
Lessons of a Job Action: A Strike Coordinator's View PDF
Chantal Sundaram
Roller-coaster Ride: Bargaining at McMaster 99-00 PDF
Aparna Sundar
Looking Back at TRACC (Queen's U.) PDF
Sarah Riegel
Tea with Mrs. Mussolini PDF
Elizabeth Skakoon

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