No 6 (2000)

The Prison Issue

Special Issue Edited by Bruce Simon

Table of Contents

Tributes & Recognition

A Tribute to Barbara Foley PDF
Laura Sullivan


Interview With Barbara Foley PDF
Leo Parascondola


Introduction: The Prison Issue PDF
Bruce Simon
The American Prison in the Culture Wars PDF
H. Bruce Franklin
Ruses of Beneficence and Rituals of Exclusion PDF
Joan Dayan
Prisons, Punishment and Profiteers PDF
Tony Samara
New York State of Mind? Higher Education vs. Prison Funding in the Empire State, 1988-1998 PDF
Robert Gangi, Vincent Schiraldi, Jason Ziedenberg
Getting Started: Creating Coalitions on the Local Level PDF
Nicole Meyenberg, Steve Parks

State of Our Unions

Our Share of the Pie? Part-time Faculty at Connecticut State University PDF
Ginny Jones, Jane Hikel
Clippings from the UE Local 896-COGS COGNITIONArchive PDF
Ryan Downing, Jennifer Sherer
On the Line: Memorial Faculty Strike PDF
Vicky Smallman
Summary of Current Negotiations between Lecturers and UQTR PDF
Robert Bellerose
Striking to Win at York University PDF
Marsha Niemeijer, Chris Vance
CUPE 3903 Resists Corporatization at York PDF
James Beaton
Fighting the Neoliberal Agenda in Post-Secondary Education PDF
Jeff Shantz, Chris Vance

Book Reviews

Review of The Perpetual Prisoner Machine PDF
Victor Cohen
Remembering Lucasville: A Review of Big George PDF
Joel Woller
Review of Literature, Class and Culture: An Anthology PDF
Tony Scott
Review of The University in Ruins PDF
Peter Cramer

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