No 8 (2002)

Mobilizing Contingent Labor & Education For Democracy

Special Issue Edited by Chris Carter

Table of Contents


Introduction: Formal Opposition in the Casual Academy PDF
Chris Carter
Tenure Denied: Union Busting in the Corporate University PDF
Joel Westheimer
Defending a “De-scheduled” Instructor PDF
Helen Worthen
Campus Equity Week: Contingent Faculty Make News PDF
Joe Berry
Collective Contingency PDF
Nick Tingle
A Tale of two City Universities: Internal and New Unit Adjunct Organizing in New York City PDF
Eric Marshall


Collective Contingency: An Interview with Barbara Wolf PDF
Chris Carter

Narratives of Activism

Sharon Warner

Education for Democracy: Fighting the Corporate Takeover

Introduction: Democracy Against Corporatism in Education PDF
David Brodsky
Potential Consequences of International Trade Agreements for Higher Education PDF
Franklin W. Neff
The Political Economy of American science PDF
Alex Dajkovic
Education not Incarceration PDF
Michael McCormack
Some comments on Militarism and Miseducation PDF
Emiliano Huet-Vaughn
Higher education and the Corporate Paradigm: The Students are the Losers PDF
Zuleyma Tang-Martinez
Shrunken Heads: The Humanities Under the Corporate Model PDF
Patricia P. Brodsky
The Morale of Faculty, Students, and Staff Under a Corporate Model: The case of the University of Kansas PDF
Raymond Pierotti
"Reallocation” at the University of Kansas School of Medicine: A Pathological Case History PDF
Fred Whitehead
Building a Foundation for Academic Excellence: Towards a Blueprint for The Professional Treatment of Disempowered Faculty PDF
Stephen Dilks
Homogenizing the Curriculum: Manufacturing the Standardized Student PDF
Beth Huber
Titles, Terms, and Meaning: The Exploitation of Part-time Faculty and what one group is doing about it PDF
Mindy Fiala, Katie Kline
The Struggle For Faculty Governance: Its Ethical, Social, and Pedagogical Significance PDF
Stuart A. McAninch
Democratic vs. Corporate Governance PDF
David Brodsky
Places of Change: Colleges, Communities, and the Logic of Struggle PDF
Corey Dolgon
Learning and Labor PDF
William Vaughn
The Saga of the Neptune Jade: Free Speech at Laney College PDF
Ellen Starbird

Book Reviews

Review of Work Time: English Departments and the Circulation of Cultural Value PDF
Floyd Olive
Review of Disciplined Minds PDF
Brian Martin

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