No 11 (2004)

Youth as a Category through which Class is Lived

Special Issue Edited by Pepi Leistyna and section editors Laura Bartlett and Marc Bousquet, contributing Editor, Richard Ohmann

Table of Contents


Introduction: Youth as a Category Through Which Class is Lived PDF
Pepi Leistyna
Class Casualties: Disappearing Youth in the Age of George W. Bush PDF
Henry Giroux
Minority and Disenfranchised Youth in Juvenile Justice: A Dominant Majority Problem—Reframing and Renaming the Issues PDF
Molly Secours
Against Schooling: Education and Social Class PDF
Stanley Aronowitz
An Application of Gramsci´s “Who Benefits?” to High-Stakes Testing PDF
Ellen Brantlinger
Leaving Children Behind: Urban Education, Class Politics, and the Machines of Transnational Capitalism PDF
Dennis Carlson
No Carnival Here: Oppressed Youth and Class Relations in City of God PDF
Valerie Scatamburlo-D´Annibale, Nathalia Jaramillo, Juha Suoranta, Peter McLaren
Harry Potter´s Magic and the Market: What are Youth Learning about Gender, Race, and Class? PDF
Robin Truth Goodman
Global Youth: The Great Divide PDF
Julie Webber

Book Reviews

Review of How Class Works: Power and Social Movement PDF
Steven Wexler
Review of The Employment of English: Theory, Jobs, and the Future of Literacy Studies PDF
Vivian Wagner
Review of Unionization in the Academy: Visions and Realities PDF
Brian Brost
Review of Cogs in the Classroom Factory: The Changing Identity of Academic Labor PDF
David Scott Kamper
Review of Big Wheel at the Cracker Factory PDF
Dorothy Arnett
Marxism, Still the Best Hunter of the Predator, Capitalism: A Review of Marxism Against Postmodernism in Educational Theory PDF
Richard Richard Brosio
Review of Terms of Work for Composition: A Materialist Critique PDF
Theresa Adams
Review of The World We Want: Restoring Citizenship in a Fractured Age PDF
Thomas Hove
Review of Steal This University: The Rise of the Corporate University and the Academic Labor Movement PDF
Floyd Olive
Review of Education as Enforcement: The Militarization and Corporatization of Schools PDF
Masood A. Raja
Review of America´s Forgotten Majority: Why the White Working Class Still Matters PDF
Gregory W. Streich
Review of Perspectives on the Mistreatment of American Educators: Throwing Water on a Drowning Man PDF
Brenda Woods

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