No 13 (2005)

Academic Freedom & IP Rights in an Era of the Automation & Commercialization of Higher Education

Special Issue Edited by Mary Bryson, Stephen Petrina & Lorraine Weir

Table of Contents


Table of Contents PDF
Guest Editors (Bryson, Petrina & Weir)
Introduction to the Special Issue PDF
Mary Bryson, Stephen Petrina, Lorraine Weir
Private Pretensions PDF
David Noble
Rethinking and Remaking Academic Freedom PDF
Claire Polster
Coyote and Raven Talk about the Business of Education or How Did Wall Street Bay Street and Sesame Street Get Into the Pockets of Publicly Funded Universities or Vice Versa? PDF
Peter Cole, Patricia O'Riley
U21 Global: The In/Corporation of Higher Education PDF
Judith Walker
How (and why) Digital Diploma Mills (don't) Work: Academic Freedom, Intellectual Property Rights, Automation and UBC's Master of Educational Technology Program PDF
Stephen Petrina
Academic Freedom, Copyright and the Academic Exception PDF
Chris Triggs
Seeking Realness in a Virtual World: Dis/illusion and Community in Online Higher Education PDF
Kaela Jubas
Changing Tastes: Coca-Cola, Water and the Commercialization of Higher Education PDF
Sean Cook, Stephen Petrina
Commercializing Academic Freedom: R&D, Technology Transfer, Patents, and Copyrights PDF
Stephen Petrina, Lorraine Weir

Book Reviews

Review of Office Hours: Activism and Change in the Academy PDF
Daniel Schierenbeck
Review of Teamsters and Turtles? U.S. Progressive Political Movements in the 21st Century PDF
Gregory W. Streich
Review of Reclaiming the Ivory Tower: Organizing Adjuncts to Change Higher Education PDF
William Vaughn

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