In Every Way I’m Hustlin’: The Post-Graduate School Intersectional Experiences of Activist-Oriented Adjunct and Independent Scholars

  • Naomi Reed
  • Amy Brown


Real life, on the ground ‘hustle’ often allows us to actualize some of the politics we write about. We see ourselves as activist educational anthropology scholars, and aim to have our research manifest in classrooms as emancipatory education reform. We recognize that our experiences as adjunct scholars in community colleges in conjunction with our experiences in R-1 academic spaces enable us to see through multiple lenses, strengthen our pedagogical skills, and further refine and actualize our political agendas. As malleability is essential to the ethnographic toolkit, we feel that scholars in social science who teach in a variety of spaces and create knowledge based in these experiences have invaluable perspectives that need to be highlighted, affirmed, and encouraged in the academy.