Table of Contents


A Short Note on Activism, Solidarity, and Scholarly Publishing
E Wayne Ross

Here We Come
Marc Bousquet


Special Issue Editor Introduction

Introducing Scholactivism: Reflections on Transforming Praxis in and Beyond the Classroom
Joseph G. Ramsey

Conversations with Activist Scholars

The Activist-Scholar: A Responsibility "to Confront and Dismantle": Interview with Ward Churchill
Edward J. Carvalho

Narrative Resistance: A Conversation with Historian Marcus Rediker
Carl Grey Matrin, Modhumita Roy

Scholactivism: A Roundtable Interview with Ricardo Antunes, Pietro Basso, Patrick Bond, Michael Löwy, Jóse Paulo Netto, and Leo Panitch
Babak Amini

Defining and Contesting the Terms and Terrain of "Schol-Activism"

We Are All Activists Now
Toby Miller

Politically Engaged Scholars: An Analytic of Positions and Norms
Patrick Colm Hogan

Schol…Exodus? Learning Within/Against/Beyond the Institution
Bennett Carpenter, Laura Goldblatt, Lenora Hanson, Karim Wissa, Andrew Yale

Resisting Neoliberalism in the University - Classes, Campuses, Communities

Resolving the Contradictions of Academic Unionism
Jeffrey Noonan

Critical Revolutionary Praxis in the Neoliberal University
Gary Zabel

"Better Days Ahead": Teaching Revolutionary Futures and Protesting the Present
Bradley Freeman

Lukács, Mariátegui, and the Dialectical Roots of Edu-Activism
John Maerhofer

Shred of Truth: Antinomy and Synecdoche in the Work of Ta-Nehisi Coates
Stephen C. Ferguson, Gregory D. Meyerson

Student Evaluations, Neoliberal Managerialism, and Networks of Mistrust
Ian Butcher

Learning in the Shadow of State Terror: A Poetic Interlude

"I Am Not a Corpse: A Working Praxis for Black Lives Matter" and Other Poems
Demetrius Noble

"Amos D. Squire, Chief Physician of Sing Sing, 1914-1925" and Other Poems
Jill McDonough

Virtual Universities, Digital Activists, and their Discontents

The Promise and Peril of the Virtual University
Ali Shezhad Zaidi

Untangling the Scholactivist Web
Efadul Huq, Xavier Best

What's Wrong with Slactivism? Confronting the Neoliberal Assault on Millennials
Sophia A. McClennen

Doing What We Can from Where We Are: Personal Histories and Case Studies

Top Cover: On Administrative Activism in the Neoliberal University
Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Complicit: On Being a WGSS Program Director in the Neoliberal University
Katie Hogan

Letter on Scholactivism: To Graduate Students and Young Colleagues
Vincent B. Leitch

Los Intersticios! Or, in Defense of Carbon-Free Unicorns
Marisol Cortez

Fighting to be Different in the Academy
Tony Van der Meer

Rights and Rebellion: The Faculty Role, Revisited
Kim Emery

Learning from Those Who Taught Us: Tributes

Richard Levins and Dialectical Thinking
Victor Wallis

On the Ground with David Demarest: Toward a Methodology of Scholar Activism
Joel Woller, Courtney Maloney, Charles Cunningham

John Trudell and the Spirit of Life
Christopher Craig