Faculty Governance and Satisfaction in Higher Education
Special Issue Edited by Sydney Freeman

Table of Contents

Faculty Governance and Satisfaction: An Introduction to the Special Issue

  • Sydney Freeman
Exploring Perceptions of Faculty Governance From an Organizational Culture Lens
  • Helen Frances Brown
The Examination of the Factors Influencing Faculty Climate at a Northwest Region University: A Case Study
  • Marcis Fennell
Voices Carry: The Perceptions and Implications of the Faculty Climate Relationship
  • Lisa Elaine Brown

Institutional Climate and Faculty Governance in Higher Education: A Shift from Capitalist to Shared Governance Models

  • Matthew McDaniel

Recent Trends in Faculty Governance and Its Overall Impact on Work Life, Job Satisfaction and Faculty Retention

  • Erin Alexandra Stutzman

Determining Faculty Climate and Relationship Between Faculty and Administration

  • Jessica Savage