We are extremely pleased to announce preprints of Workplace Issue #24: Academic Mobbing and Bullying


Harry Denny
  • Of Sticks and Stones, Words that Wound, and Actions Speaking Louder: When Academic Bullying Becomes Everyday Oppression
Julie Gorlewski, David Gorlewski & Brad Porfilio
  • Beyond Bullies and Victims: Using Case Story Analysis and Freirean Insight to Address Academic Mobbing
Florencia Peña Saint Martin, Brian Martin, Hilde Eliazer Aquino López & Lillian von der Walde Moheno
  • Graduate Students as Proxy Mobbing Targets: Insights from Three Mexican Universities
Paul Johnson
  • Bullying in Academia Up Close and Personal: My Story
Antonio Pedro Fonseca
  • Pathogenic Versus Healthy Biofilms: A Metaphor for Academic Mobbing