Education, State, and Market: Anatomy of Neoliberal Impact

Ravi Kumar


The physical landscape has altered- in not only cities but also the countryside. In the vast open fields on two sides of the highways stand ugly looking buildings thrusting down our imagination the delicate story of a resurgent India. Malls, plush apartments, education institutions, and everything that could be put to sale surround us as consumers to buy the product. This is the new landscape- the cities, towns, once nondescript district headquarters- everywhere, the narrative of a homogenous world, a universalized idea of ‘market is the regulator and provider of everything’ can be seen. Those who argued for local/mini narratives and denounced the category of ‘universal’ are confronted with this new world order. A new narrative has become dominant – one that breeds unprecedented and starker inequality, thwarts the idea of social justice, and converts social concerns into marketable commodities.


Neoliberalism; State; Markets; Capitalism; Education Reform

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