The Corporate University: An E-interview by Emil Marmol with Dave Hill, Alpesh Maisuria, Anthony Nocella, and Michael Parenti

Emil Marmol, Dave Hill, Alpesh Maisuria, Anthony Nocella, Michael Parenti


Since the neo-liberal turn, corporate investment in universities has accelerated as the withdrawal of government funding, among other factors, has further exposed universities to market forces. While this process offers numerous benefits for corporations and wealthy individuals, it has been mostly detrimental for students, educators, and the public at large. In this interview, international scholars Dave Hill, Alpesh Maisuria, Anthony Nocella, and Michael Parenti broadly explain why corporations have been aggressively investing in universities. They address the numerous ways that corporate involvement in university activity negatively impacts academic freedom, research outcomes, and the practice of democracy. The interview ends on a hopeful note by presenting examples of resistance against corporate influence. Their analyses focus primarily on the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.


Academic Freedom; Higher Education; University; Neoliberalism; Privatization; Commercialization; Marketization; Curriculum; Research; Marxism; Democracy; Corporate; Funding; Investment; Trustees; Regents; Governance

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